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A Photomixmemories wedding photomontage creates the perfect memento of your special occasion.

The photomixmemories photo collage service works like this ...

Select your favourite wedding photos and send the digital files or prints to us at Photomixmemories. We will then design and put together a balanced image by hand, to combine your photographs into a photomontage, as a single image, the perfect memento, a synthesis of your memories in a single photo-quality print.

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A Wedding on an Island in the Thames in Suburbia


This was a wedding with a difference. It was held on a small island called 'Ravens Ait' in the middle of the river Thames near Kingston-upon-Thames. Access and exit was by small motor boats, and with 150 guests, the boats were busy! We photographed the whole event and the most difficult photograph was a group shot of all the guests – taken from a vantage point on the roof of one of the buildings. The single image above was designed from the seven individual photos shown. It was designed and put together in Adobe Photoshop.