You can contact us to discuss your requirements if you need something not included in the packages listed on the Prices page. We will design a composite photomontage on any subject – a family event, an anniversary, or a special occasion. If you have the photos, we have the know-how.

If you are supplying digital files they must be 300dpi resolution at 100%. That is, at 300dpi for the size that they will be printed (this is known as 300dpi at 100%, or actual size).

We can supply Black and White prints or sepia instead of colour if you prefer, this could be the choice for Family Archive images which have been repaired.

Send us those favourite photos of that special day, and we will design and compile a composite image which will capture the memories of that important event, and be a worthwhile memento.

Contact us to discuss your requirements...


Rustic wood

Please remember, that if you are sending digital, files which will appear on an A3 or 16"x12" size piece of photo paper, their finished size must be of a high resolution (300dpi at the size they will print). For best quality and results, please contact us for advice on how to supply the photos.

The easiest way is to send good quality prints to us and we will scan them in at the correct resolution for the final montage or image.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements or find out how to prepare the high resolution files for the size you need them to output.

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