Professional gift photomontages created for any special event

Any special event (company business, sporting, cultural, historical, or friends and family) can be synthesised into a unique photo collage gift to capture the spirit of the occasion and commemorate it in a unique picture.

Photomixmemories photo montage service works like this ...

Simply send us your photos (digital files or photographic prints) and our professional designers will create a composite image; a collage or photomontage to combine these images into a carefully designed single print that can be supplied framed or unframed – creating the perfect memento of any event or occasion which is special for you.

Full details of how to order are on our contact us and prices pages.

A photo montage for a special person at work who is leaving the Company...

The photomontage above was created as a gift to say thanks to a special colleague and team leader who is leaving the company for a new career in Australia. He will be missed by all his friends and colleagues at work, and this was a surprise gift presented to him during the evening of his leaving party from the office.

This photo montage, designed from photos of events at work over the previous five years, was framed and given as a tribute by the team, as a reminder of all those happy memories they had shared. A well-received memento and ideal gift!