Professional photo retouching and repair service

We offer photo restoration and retouching of any photo image, from traditional old photographic prints to current digital files.

Restore family photos for future generations

Every family must have old damaged photographs which have been passed down the generations and are now in need of repair. Old, cherished photographs which are faded, damaged, creased, or stained, can be brighten up, repaired and restored to a new digital version that can be printed out as many times as you like, passed on as an archive for future generations or printed and mounted as a unique photographic gift.

Send us your damaged family archives or a high resolution scanned file and we will repair it digitally.

The cost will depend on the type and amount of work involved and the quality of the original, please contact us for an individual quote.

Photomixmemories can restore, retouch & renovate photos; old photographic prints to digital files ...


We can professionally repair tears, delete marks and spots, remove or reduce creases and stains, improve contrast, convert to sepia, add vignettes and cut-outs, remove unwanted backgrounds – or any number of effects. You could have a number of different enhanced versions from one repaired original.*

* This will depend on the quality of the original photo and how faded or damaged it has become.