Professional gift photomontages created for any special event

Any special event (sporting cultural, historical, or friends and family) can be synthesised into a unique photo collage gift to capture the spirit of the occasion and commemorate it in a unique picture.

Photomixmemories photo montage service works like this ...

Simply send us your photos (digital files or photographic prints) and our professional designers will create a composite image; a collage or photomontage that combines these images into a carefully constructed single print that can be supplied framed or unframed – creating the perfect memento of any event or occasion which is special for you.

Full details of how to order are on our contact us and prices pages.

A photo montage to capture the spirit of an annual charity race, The Cabbage Patch 10 ..CP10-montage


The special event photomontage above was created as a gift to thank the organiser of a ten mile running race, The Cabbage Patch 10. This event has been held every year since 1982 and raises money for Clarendon School, a school for children with special needs in Hampton; to date the've probably received in excess of £30,000 from the proceeds of the race.

The photo montage, made up from 10 images of the race over the years, was framed and given as a trubute to the hard work that goes into organising this sort of event and proved to be a well recieved gift!